"The Power of Reflection"
Join me for an experiential learning journey.

Imagine you could develop a superpower that helps you better understand yourself and others, that permits you to think more strategically, and to stay engaged and energized through the day.
This is The Power of Reflection. You can join the hundreds of people that I’ve already guided in developing this power.

Those who have learned and now practice reflection stop living the busy life and start living a purpose-full one. A life of learning, choice, and meaning… a life you can create.

I invite you to join me on a journey to harness the power of reflection in your own life.

Through a series of virtual sessions and individual assignments, you’ll learn how to practice reflection, strengthen that practice, and start applying it to your life.
  • Structure of the Journey

    Four weekly 60-minute guided group sessions over Zoom.

    Guided self-reflection exercises between sessions.

    A digital worksheet of the tools you can use to support your practice.

    Access to your guide, Gabriel, for Q+A in between sessions.

    Journey Investment

    The individual cost of the workshop series is $400.00 US dlls.

    Group price of 3 to 5 $300.00 US dlls each.

    Contact me.
  • Facilitator

    I am Gabriel Acostalopez, I will be your guide, or what I call, your journey companion.

    I studied under Dr. Humberto Maturana, a Chilean biologist whose work is concerned with the biology of cognition and human behavior.

    I had coached, advised and trained thousands of individuals in both government and private sectors, including Fortune 100 companies, in the United States, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

What my customers say 🍃
  • David Glickman
    Gabriel’s Reflections Journey workshop was such an impactful experience — so much so that it has changed the way I plan my day, increased authentic time for personal and family reflection, and has contributed to increased energy and clarity throughout my daily routine. In a similar way that my physical fitness routine has created such positivity for me, what I learned (and am now practicing) from the Reflections workshop has had an equally powerful impact and incredible effect on my emotional and cognitive wellbeing. Thank you Gabriel for sharing your insights and daily practices with all of us!
  • Catherine Logie
    Content Strategist
    I wasn’t sure what to expect from the reflections workshop, but having worked with Gabriel before, I knew it would be good. It wasn’t just good - it was life changing. Gabriel is a former tech executive with the heart and soul of a wise elder. He just understands people, why we do the things we do and what tools we need to change for the better.

    I was able to put the things I learned into practice immediately - significantly increasing my productivity and engagement at work. But the richest part for me was the self-reflection. By learning how to self reflect without judgement, I was able to uncover habits and beliefs that have been causing issues my entire adult life- that I wasn’t even aware of! I’ve seen a positive impact on both my self image and my relationships as a result. Highly recommended.
  • Stefan Ischi
    Gabriel delivered an excellent workshop, well structured, and full of practical tips around the Power of Reflection. The workshop is paced very well, covering a lot of ground information while allowing time for attendees contributions and reflections of the Reflection.

    From the start of Session 1, right until Session 4, Gabriel created an interactive learning environment that motivates attendees to regular practice personal reflection through an informative and engaging delivery style paired with open conversations about specific articles given as preparation for the next session.

    I would highly recommend Gabriel both for his real practical approach and knowledge, and his overall expertise and passion to helping people generating exceptional results. I also would recommend this workshop to any person looking into a way to get away from busyness and overwhelm.
Reflection is the only thing that gets us out of any trap.
—Dr. Humberto Maturana
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