Why Journeys?
What is a Journey?
My role is that of a Journey Companion
I have found that the best way to describe the experiences that I offer are journeys. Given that they are explorations which invite you to reflect on your views, which might lead to your to discovery of new horizons, new vantage points, and new ways of being and in the process you can find yourself transformed.
A journey could be a long and at times challenging process which brings you the opportunity to explore, discover, connect, grow, and reflect on how we see ourselves, others and the world around you.
Journey Companion: is a person who has deep knowledge and expertise in the subject matter of interest. They accompany their clients on their journey walking by their side (not in front, not behind), engaging in relevant, critical, and insightful reflective conversations. These interactions are geared to enable the client to create their own ideas, insights. and learnings.
Founder & Manager Director
Gabriel Acostalopez
I draw on more than twenty-five years of experience, specializing in executive coaching and advising; management, leadership and teamwork education; professional and organizational development; and strategic business development. I have coached, advised and trained thousands of individuals in both government and private sectors, including Fortune 100 companies, in the United States, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. My area of expertise is in workplace behavior and improving human performance and safety among employees and management. I work fluently in English and Spanish.
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